Business Growth Consulting, LLC

Growth Consulting Services

For Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government Firms

Situation Analysis

  • Industry Trends, Market Analysis, Organizational Assessment
  • State of the Art Tools to Articulate "Voice of the Customer"

Development and Implementation of Strategic Planning Cycle

Corporate Growth Strategies and Implementation

  • Product/Technology Roadmaps
    • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Organic Growth
    • Expand Sales of Current Products
    • New Markets - Domestic and International
    • New Product Development - Complementary Products

  • Inorganic Growth
    • Mergers
    • Acquisitions
    • Strategic Alliances
    • Distribution Agreements
  • Stage Gate Product Development Systems
  • Sales and Marketing Planning
    • Territory Alignment
    • Inside/Outside Sales
    • CRM Implementation
    • Miller/Heiman Strategic Selling
    • Lead Generation
    • Product Launches
    • Marketing Communications Planning

  • Organizational Development for Growth


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